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Video poetry by Désirée Jung

A Family of Poems

Poem by Désirée Jung To Whom It May Concern When you name  something it becomes 


Drawing by Désirée Jung.

Living my Life

A collection of stories and poems by Désirée Jung. Kindle ebook for sale here.

Blue of the First Hours

Poem by Désirée Jung Blue of the day’s first hours Light touch on the body’s


Prose poem by Désirée Jung. Published by the literary magazine New Note Poetry, Summer 2022.


An erotic disclosure of my lack. Drawing and writing by DJ.

Winter Walker

The crow swings on a branch and reverberates the air a few times in a


Warm surface of sand touching my skin as I lean against the turquoise ocean,  my

Let me Shout

Click here to download the text. The feline body in the center of my bed