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Video poetry.


Video poetry by Désirée Jung

She was taken to the madhouse

Despite the ounce of generosity she had given to the world, the sums of words

Moonlight Sonata

Video by Désirée Jung.


A moment in a capitalist surplus enjoyment. Video art by Désirée Jung. Official Selection Life

De-Coline Arise my I conscious

Video poem by Désirée Jung. Official Selection of the project “Vacations in the Subconscious, 100

The Way I See it: Vancouver

Video and images by Désirée Jung

Il Neige

Music by Henri Oswald. Piano by Regina de Paula. Editing and images by DJ.

Kiss me with Sounds

Art and video by DJ. Published at the magazine Red Noise Collective.

Clair de Lune, Claude Debussy

Interpretation: Regina de Paula Drawings, editing and photos: Désirée Jung

Rêverie, L.68: Claude Debussy

Images and Editing, Désirée Jung Piano by Regina de Paula.