Nocturnal Dialogues

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– What is the topic?

– The basics.

– Survival?

– Create a destiny.

– What is the meaning of that?

– I stopped making meaning a while back.

– Do you still cry until you fall asleep?

– Yes. But now the night graciously awakes me with moonlight.

– It covers your tiles, magnifique behind the clouds?

– You see it too?

– The silhouette of the trees in its most naked sensuality.  

– Unmooning the clouds?

– Unmooning exists?

– The woman I make love every night also doesn’t exist despite appearing and disappearing between my legs when I think I’m about to fall in love.

– It is your way out of the angst that swallows you.

– The pre-requisite for what I desire.

– The narrator of your story knows what she is doing?

– I never ask her.

– I want to know.

– I easily fall in love with clouds.

– Your wet mouth is always desiring something more.

– Always moving.

– You should look for something more fixed.

– I don’t have a calling for being a wall.

– Mirror?

– Ideally, I should lie down, but I want to keep looking at you.

– Being in two places runs the risk of dislocating your retina.

– There is always the risk.

– Sometimes I feel I’ve told you something, until I realize it’s in deep thought.

– What exactly do you want to say?

– I’m a woman bordered by the lack of embroidering.

– Highly dangerous. Frightening.

– A jump beyond the order of what is impossible.

– The possible scares you? Thus your shellfish penetration.

– I’m going to empty myself now.

– Can I try to make a border?

– Emptiness is what grounds my desire.

– Desirée.

– You say my name to traverse me.

– I’m on your other side. What now?

– Now there is time. An entire other has left me.