The Border

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It’s evident that I have no control over my body. 

Useless to suffer for what is no longer: I can’t go back.

I close my eyes and I understand the aversion:

my crucifixion in your image, held 

(nailed at opposite ends) by the death of the body. 

Sacrifice my desire for yours.

At first the stakes bordering my gaze seem to work: 

wanting within limits.

The uncanny happens with the entrance of love,

disrupting my frontiers, invading an alleged territoriality.

Unbearable vulnerability to know myself other

than in you: useless attempts to fixate place

and anchor empty gazes. 

Holes without stakes revealing

the ancestral memory of phantasmic borders

Vain attempts to defend oneself from trespassers.

Savagery of not belonging: 

shoulders supporting airborne barriers, 

images without jurisdiction.

Screened at the 3 min Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California, 9th edition, July 2021, Poetry in Motion category and Honorable Mention in the Experimental Category.

Published in Third Estate Art, January 2024.