Deep Ocean

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In the beauty of your ocean, I wet my words in a movement of body all yours. Water storming against coastlines, you are my familial resentment of too much loving – (a)mar; the interdicted foreign desire enlacing my legs and opening an indefensible shell before such breaking.

Without any effort, you grasp me in the anonymity of an unknown tongue, bringing all the words back, especially those I’ve never had (covered by the moisture of your shore).

From everything revealed by the unsayable, I’m the nothing to do before the ocean’s dewy remains, humid like the night of a trespassing ocean – that strikes me in what exceeds.

Covered by the turquoise residue of your blue, I’m the naked skin of a hedgehog licking the salt of my mouth, echoing a deep ocean in me.

Video poem published in the literary magazine The South Shore Review and Brown Bag.

2022 Official Selection in the Cadence Video Poetry Festival.